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  • Chuggington Wilson quarry stow loading toy Brewster,Thomas, Percy, Gordon, Tayo Yellow crane


    It is a fun and pleasant toy of the Japanese Plarail series. I played with carrying balls of various colors. Thomas the Thomas, Percy, Gordon also worked. In a quarry, cut the stone round and carry it. It’s fun loading loads on the platform. You can combine with plarail to play. The blue Railway course is also interesting. Children like Thomas, Tayo, Disney’s Cars, Gordon, Percy. I am attracting Japanese TAKARA TOMY toys. Chuggington ‘s train toy is also cool with Wilson’ s red body. When I arrive at the quarry, I drop the stone of the freight car. Various color stones will go up on the belt conveyor. A stone rolls on the slope and enters Wilson ‘s carrier. Let’s leave when you load the stone. Chaginton Plarail Wilson Quarry Loader Adventure set with Thomas & Tayo Wilson and Thomas and others are loading and unloading stones. You can carry stones with a belt conveyor or slope. Thomas & Friends,Percy,James,Gordon. Chuggington Wilson,Brewster. The little bus Tayo.My favorite toy video Wooden Thomas & Brio Train Toy Tunnel Subway Railway Tayo Bus Toys Ball Carrier Construction Site Tower Crane & Stepping Conveyor Toy Little Bus Tayo emergency center play set / Tayo Police rescue fire station Thomas and Friends: Accidents Will HappenTrack System Train LEGO Duplo Toys Brio Rail & Road Travel Set toys,Birthday Train,Shinkansen Passenger Train video for children Wooden train toys Imaginarium red bridge Shinkansen set, Brio wooden toys Thomas & Friends Winged Thomas Motorized Engine Toys Thomas & Friends Let’s Go Super Adventure DX Toy Big Thomas Engine Coal Plarail Toy video for children Tayo Bus Toy Crane Construction Site Yellow excavator car & Green cleaning vehicle toy Disney Cars Dinoco Racing Drop & Jump Gray Playset toys Finger Family Song – Mega Finger Family Collection! Frozen, Minions, Elmo, Nursery Rhymes & More!Big Hyper Rescue Car No. 1 Toy Brio doll & Cars Tomica Tayo toys

  • Jennings Muzzleloader Conversion: The Perils of Early Adoption


    Failed to sell at auction. adoption of new technology is a sword which cuts both ways – you might be getting the first of a fantastic new system, or you might be paying for a flop – and in order to get the benefit of the first possibility you must take the risk of the second. Someone buying a Luger in 1900 was making a great choice…but someone buying a Jennings repeating rifle in the early 1850s was in for disappointment. The Jennings was one of the stepping stones to the truly successful lever action repeating rifle, but it wasn’t quite there itself. It used a type of rocket ball ammunition with the propellent loaded inside the hollow base of the bullet, thus requiring no cartridge case. It did this in conjunction with a pellet priming system, which made the Jennings a rather complicated rifle as well as being underpowered and expensive.Even before the first full run of a thousand guns was completed, it became clear that the rifle was not going to be a commercial success. Its ammunition was rather quickly discontinued for lack of substantial sales, and this left Jennings owners (and the factory itself) in the unenviable position of having guns they could not acquire specialized ammunition for. What to do? Well, the most common solution was to convert the guns into muzzleloaders. The pellet priming system was converted to use standard percussion caps, the breech was plugged, the tube magazine under the barrel was converted to hold a ramrod, and the action parts in the receiver were removed or disabled. This may have defeated the whole point of a repeating rifle, but at least the guns could be fired this way.The factory production even resorted to this type of conversion in order to use the stocks of parts they had manufactured when hopes were high for the system. Forgotten Weapons merch! you enjoy Forgotten Weapons, check out its sister channel, InRangeTV!

  • Vlog #3 Laying down Pavers/Stepping stones in our Driveway


  • Jefferson Sciene Magnet Awarded Blue Ribbon


    Watch more and discuss: was a lot to proud of at Jefferson Science Magnet School as students, facility and city officials came together to celebrate their national achievement. “I think everyday whether it be the children’s motivation or the familis motivation is to really push kids and strive for high high expectations and while we do that, we try to keep our eye on the prize and also create an environment where kids are good kids and learn how to be good citizens,” said Jefferson Science Magnet School principal John Reynolds. The elementary school was selected by the National Blue Ribbon Schools program for successfully closing the achievement gap. Out of 337 schools nationwide, Jefferson was the only school in the state to be honored. “It really happens with everyone working together. You all play a critical part in that too. You pay attention, you listen and you want to learn and grow up to develop into nice young adults,” said Mayor Harry Rilling. “I think that Jefferson is a Blue Ribbon school because the teachers make us work hard. I am proud of the grades I get because I work hard for them,”said fourth grader Regina. Fifth grader Sean said, “We study hard but we also have fun doing it. I really like going to the Maritime Aquarium, Stepping Stones and other trips we have done such as Nature’s Classroom,” With the State’s achievement gap one of the largest in the country, Reynolds says giving his students new opportunities to advance their education is key. “Just continue to do the type of work that we have done and look for new and creative ideas to keep our environment unique as a magnet school and still keeping the children ready, willing and able to get out of bed everyday and want to come here,” “Most important is our motto at Jefferson is ‘We Help Each Other’ and it shows by having such great teachers, principal, staff and parents who believe in us and help us succeed in our learning,” said fifth grader Kaitlyn.Produced By: Kwegyirba Croffie

  • Review: Gonge Riverstones


    Product Description American Educational 1137385 River Stones (SET) From the Manufacturer Stepping stones to better coordination, balance, and fun. The Riverstones are inspired by stepping stones in a river with each side of the triangle varying in steepness and difficulty. The purpose is to jump from stone to stone without touching the floor – you can vary the position of the stones to create more challenging paths for advanced children. Each stone has rubber studs on the base which prevent them from slipping, and also protect indoor floor areas. Builds children’s confidence when jumping, judging distances, coordinating and balancing. Set of 6 riverstones. Can withstand weights up to 110lbs. Grades PreK-3. Ages 3-7.

  • Snakes and Ladders park


    Snakes and Ladders Park at 42 Bramley Drive, Farm Cover, Pakuranga. The playground is a giant snakes and ladders game set on a hill. You or one of the kids spins the dice at the bottom and the kids climb on the numbered stepping stones. If they land on a ladder they get to go up, but if its a snake they go down the slide

  • How to Make Stained Glass Stepping Stones : How to Pour Grout for Stained Glass Stepping Stones


  • How to Trim Your Potbellied Pig’s Hooves | Pet Pigs


    Oink Oink! Perfect Pig Products: Pot Bellies and Other Miniature Pigs (Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals): Storey’s Guide to Raising Pigs: Care, Facilities, Management, Breed: Potbellied Pig Behavior and Training: Teacup Pigs and Micro Pigs, the Complete Owner’s Guide Paperback: I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie T-Shirt: more How to Take Care of a Pet Pig videos: trimming is a very important for the pigs. You need to do it as frequently as the pig needs it. If he’s walking on a surface that is porous like a driveway, stepping stones outside, that type of thing, you’re going to find that your hooves are just fine. If the pig’s pasterns go down, if he is not walking like he’s walking on high heels and the weight of the pig or the conformation of the pig goes down then those hooves are going to continually grow and you’re going to need to keep them trimmed so frequently you’ll need to have a hoof trim. Now if you’re not close to a veterinarian that can do your hoof trim and you’re depending on yourself to do it, you should do it at a quiet time when you and the pig are very relaxed and you can use these two tools. This one is straight nose, very sharp, you actually should wear some gloves on this so you don’t cut yourself, and this will do the majority of the work if the hoof isn’t too overgrown or too long. If the hoof is way too long you’re going to need something like these pony nippers and it puts a lot of pressure on that toe and it’s able to cut it off quite easily. So with those two tools you should be able to trim just about any pig’s hooves. Churchill doesn’t really need his hooves trimmed, he hasn’t really even had a hoof trim but it doesn’t take much. Just a little clip here and a little clip there and oh, my goodness, we’re done. Churchill lives most of his life outdoors and he’s on gravelly areas so his hooves hardly ever need trimming. If your pig is not letting you give him a hoof trim it’s really important that you seek another option. You can try to find a veterinarian in your area or you can contact another pig expert that might know where to go to get a qualified veterinarian. There are a couple of ways that veterinarians take care of hoof trimming. One is by actually giving them a gas, isoflurane, and then doing the trimming while they’re under. I don’t recommend that if you can avoid it but that is an option. So the other way a veterinarian can do it is actually just picking up the pig and flipping him on his back and trimming the hooves.

  • DIY Fairy Garden Accessories! (Bird Bath, Fence, and Stepping Stones)


  • Yoga Block Comparison-Foam Vs Cork-Kelli’s Mantra Yoga


    Hey Everyone! If you’re in the market for yoga blocks or aren’t quite sure which blocks are best for which postures this tutorial is for you!“Props are our friends and modifications are the stepping stones we travel upon to arrive in our asana safely and deeply.”If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, concerns, anything at all! Please leave them below! Please subscribe! If you find yourself on Instagram, mosey on by my page: shot out to Leigha Butler for the camera work and forever encouragement, you so much for stopping by and Namaste friends.

  • Indoor playground manufacturer | Acoran indoor playground FEC creation of ELI


    A creation of ELI - European leader of indoor playground manufacturers Discover one of our early projects in France : ACORAN An indoor playground with : - Main indoor play structure - a mega labyrinth with multitude of play events such as car wash rollers, stepping stones, aerial runway, crawl tube - A kids trampolines area - A toddler area with soft play elements and much more Watch that short video of 1:52 mn indoor playground manufacturers indoor playground manufacturer indoor play equipment supplier indoor play equipment indoor playground supplier indoor playground suppliers FEC development FEC creation opening an F.E.C (Family Entertainment Center indoor playground design indoor playground installation indoor playground maintenance indoor playground cleaning services indoor play structures small play structures kids corner specialist toddler area design soft play supplier soft play equipment supplier soft play equipment suppliers soft play equipment manufacturer



    WEBSITE : BLOG : FACEBOOK : … MEDICINAL HERBS : New World Order is a very controversial topic that is ridiculed by the ignorant and openly discussed by people, who are able to connect the dots and see truth. The global elite have been planning and working against our interests for generations and will continue to do so until their New World Order is in place. Their stepping stones to achieve complete control involves world depopulation, manipulation and destabilisation through :-vaccinations -radical treatments in western medicine -manipulated terrorism -genetically modified food -fluoride in drinking water -chemical additives for consumption -geo-Engeneering (chemtrails) -weather modification (HAARP) -distraction and manipulation through media -political deception (voting etc.) -war -NSA, FBI, CIA, FDA, AMA, -microchipping -the deconstructing of laws -orchestrating global economic and financial collapses -programming through educational systems -and many more.This is a very negative subject, but it needs to be addressed so people know what they are up against. When we are unhealthy and disconnected due to our lifestyle choices and dietary habits, we become sick and fearful, thus making us more docile towards authority. Health should be our number one priority. Rise and stand for truth and share it with our fellow man. Be strong in your core and don’t let fear get to you. When you feel it, use that energy and transform it into something that moves you and the human race into a more positive direction.A film by Janne Reckert Spoken Words by Dr.Robert Morse N.D.

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